Mistress Lorraine

My name is Mistress Lorraine, I am the owner of The Essex Dungeon. My gym toned body is strong, supple and feminine, with a never tiring right arm. Your praise and devotion are my natural birthright. Walking down a city street there is no doubting my dominant personality. Men naturally defer to me in all situations.

As an alpha female I have a rich personal life that includes many interests outside the realm of kink. But I also enjoy many things in the BDSM world!

I genuinely care for my slaves. I aim to inspire you to be the best servant possible. Correction and discipline is inevitable. But tailored to your level of effort and capability. Ultimately, all will receive correction. Sometimes purely for my sadistic pleasure. However, I am not heartless and aftercare is important to me.

I am particularly fond of the cane and single tail whips. Whilst mindful of your level of experience I am resolute and determined when carrying out discipline. I am unmoved by tears, begging and whimpers. Once decided upon, punishment will be carried out. You have been warned.

Focus is a word you will hear often. Your focus will be on me. Simple. I am easily pleased by exceptional service, devotion and worship. I am full of laughter, yet capable of shocking cruelty when necessary.

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