Booking Options

Your Perfect Escape Awaits

Discover the ideal retreat for your desires at The Essex Dungeon Suite. Whether you seek a brief, thrilling experience or an immersive overnight stay, our exclusive locations cater to every need.

Daytime Hire

Experience a few hours of pure indulgence in our fully equipped play rooms. Perfect for those seeking a short, intense escape in a private, discreet setting.

Overnight Stays

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable overnight adventure. Enjoy our luxurious kinky bedroom.

Why Us

Flexible and Private

Tailored Experiences to Fit Your Schedule

Our booking options are designed to offer flexibility and privacy, ensuring an experience that perfectly fits your needs.

Choose the duration that best suits your desires and enjoy unparalleled comfort and discretion.

Convenient Access

Easily accessible from Stansted Airport (23 miles) and Southend Airport (24 miles), making it convenient for both local and international guests. If arriving by train from London, the nearest stations are Witham or Chelmsford, with easy transfer options by taxi or bus.

Comprehensive Amenities

From a fully equipped kitchen to luxurious play rooms, every detail is covered to provide a seamless experience. Enjoy private access and parking, ensuring complete discretion and privacy during your stay.

Local Attractions

Explore the vibrant local scene with nearby shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, enhancing your stay at The Essex Dungeon Suite. Discover historic maritime towns, traditional villages, and a variety of events throughout the year, from fairs and concerts to country shows and music festivals.