Mistress Clarissa

I am an experienced skilled British lifestyle/professional Dominatrix and erotic Hypnotist. I’m one of the few Mistresses in the world to combine hypnosis and BDSM in live sessions.

I offer sessions in Paddington and I’m a visiting Mistress at Essex Dungeon.  

I have professionally dominated people since 2014. During that time I have gained experience, insights and acquired skills that have sharpened my natural dominance into a focused controlled force. Amongst these attributes and skills hypnosis is the jewel in my crown. I enjoy hypnosis for the psychological power exchange, the control, and the satisfaction gained from shaping my subjects.

I offer a wide range of BDSM activities, some of these are psychological, sensual and some are at the more physical end of the spectrum: hypnosis, worship, CP, bondage, slut training, CBT, NT, feminisation, strap-on, chastity, tease, water sports, ash tray, humiliation and much more. As a measured seductive sensual sadist my sexuality is intense, persuasive and addictive. One could say hypnotic. Seeing a submissive suffering for me, or humiliated arouses me. I want to see you go further for me than you thought you could. I want you to want to do it because you know that it will give me pleasure. I want to take control of your body and mind and make you my toy.

I have been described as having an hour glass figure and a striking face, as being feminine, poised, powerful, seductive, empathic, intelligent, well – spoken and of course as possessing a mesmeric voice, but we all know that what actually makes a lady a Dominatrix is hard to quantify. You will only see that something that is extraordinary, intoxicating and a little dangerous if I allow you the honour of submitting to me. 

Domination is not role-play for me, your willing enthusiastic consent and submission is mandatory. I will challenge you, I will nurture you, and I may well transform you, and if you give yourself to me you will be rewarded.

I work within safe, sane and consensual perameters. I safeguard my submissive’s physical and psychological well being. I am LGBTQ friendly. I nurture newcomers and develop experienced slaves and I respect all limits.

I also offer skype sessions, custom FemDom clips, and custom hypnotic audio files.

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